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Promotional copy is a vital element in creating your company's image. A poorly written brochure or catalogue is a waste of time and money. xenex-media can assist you in the best ways to create a positive image for your company. Our copy attracts attention, communicates benefits and persuades.


We create content for: 



brochures & flyers



reports & articles


Why you should use a copywriting service?


If you are experiencing writers block or just 'stuck' about the words to use 

Unsure about explaining what your company does, without using industry jargon 

Have your copy proofread to catch those nasty little spelling errors 

To get your message across to your target audience 

To be clear, concise and use marketing savvy words 

Improve search engine ranking 

Top search engine ratings do not appear as if by magic. They are the result of employing different SEO techniques, including effective SEO (search engine optimization) copywriting. In simple words, SEO copywriting makes your text appealing both to the search engines and the visitors of your site. The selected keywords attract the attention of the search engines and the way they appear in the text turns your prospective clients into buyers. Hiring a professional SEO copywriter will pay off earlier than you might expect.

Besides website content SEO copywriting is applied in creating various materials for distribution on the web, such as articles, press releases etc. 

SEO copywriting includes not only writing the site copy but also articles, press releases and other copy for distribution on the web. 

Working on your SEO copy our writers will: 

Analyze your website and find ways to attract more traffic to your site. 

Conduct a comprehensive keyword research. We don't pick words at random. We do a careful research on your target keywords.

As a result, our final choice is the optimal solution: 

We structure your site so that all the keywords are well-presented within the site. 

We produce a copy that impresses both the search engines and your prospective clients.