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Direct e-mail marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to maintain the interest of your core client-base and to build your brand. Xenex-Media email marketing program makes the process simple, and provides all the tools you'll need to take full advantage of the medium.



The email templates are professionally designed to be contemporary and eye-catching in most modern e-mail readers. They can be easily modified to fit the content of your message, and can be used with any e-mail client or list manager that allows you to import HTML.



Xenex Media will implement a tailored email marketing program, allowing the client to effectively communicate with existing clients & prospective clients.


email marketing


Through the use of the customised email marketing


XENEX Media will implement an email marketing tool which will allow the client to regularly correspond with their database.

The Client will be able to quickly and effectively design and implement email marketing campaigns.

The Client  will be able to include targeted ‘call to actions’ covering a wide variety of corporate preferences.

The Client will be able to include numerous ‘click through’ items, such as ‘send to a friend’ and links to specific partner sites.

The Client will be able to fully assess, through the reporting data tool, the effectiveness of the campaign, and in turn refine and build their database.