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What Do We Do As An SEO Company On the Gold Coast?

google analyticsSearch Engines assist businesses to find information on the internet. Potential customers will enter 'keywords' in a Search Engine and perform a search. The Search Engine generates a list with Web Sites related to the subject. The higher your Web Site is on this list, the more chance somebody will visit it.

It is a fact that successful Australian businesses need an Internet presence: a professional and powerful one that attracts the right visitors encourages positive response and helps create sales with increased, profitable turnover.

Your website is a part of your overall marketing strategy and the right one will contribute strongly to your business image and results. Above all, your business website should be able to bring you new customers and new income.

Surveys show 9 out of 10 customers use search engines to find information on the web. A well ranked listing with the major search engines dramatically increases your website traffic. As a professional SEO company serving the Gold Coast, Xenex Designs are able to assist you with optimising your homepage.

Search engine optimization of a website involves managing the code behind the website, content, meta tags and search engine submissions so that favorable rankings are created in search engines. When a website is optimized for the search engines, it is more likely to be found by users searching on the internet and therefore increase traffic. 

We are a SEO company on the Gold Coast with exacting standards. All of our websites are built to industry standards in terms of XHTML and CSS, and also follow guidelines where available. This ensures that our sites are easy for the search engines to navigate and index. Before any website goes live, we also make sure that all meta tags are present and relevant. 

There are a variety of ways to promote your business online. Some methods include search engine marketing, banner advertising, email marketing and mutual linking, which we are happy to provide as an SEO company on the Gold Coast.


For more information on our SEO company packages and guarantees, please contact us today and let’s start working to get your website on page 1 of Google! 


Our Online SEO Strategysearch engine reporting

Review, recommend & implement internal linking strategy for improved indexing ability

Review page title structure and revise syntax to ensure consistency

Reduce page load time through optimising scripts and images to increase indexing speed and page views

Review and rewrite page meta descriptions to remove duplication and promote click through rate

Increase relevancy of on page content through effective keyword placement.

Effective use of header tag distribution through design template and content in line with web standards

Seek to optimise all on-page ranking factors for all pages

Review website architecture to ensure minimisation of duplicate content and search engine friendly URL paths where possible

Ensure efficient search engine indexation by amending any broken / redirected URLs, executing a XML sitemap strategy and implementing webmaster tools to closely monitor current and future issues that could impact on quality of website for SEO


Campaign Reviews / reporting

Monthly Reviews in time with Ranking Reports

3 Month Campaign Review – by performing an in depth Google Analytics Analysis

6 Month Campaign Review – Full campaign review including Analytics & Conversion analysis

9 Month Campaign Review – Full campaign review including Analytics & Conversion Analysis,  & additional keyword recommendationsperformance guarantee


Performance Guarantee

guarantees to achieve 10% of all key-phrases ranking  on page 1 within 3 months.

guarantees to achieve 30% of all key-phrases ranking on page 1 within 6 months.

guarantees to achieve 60% of all key-phrases ranking on page 1 within 12 months.



Google Pay Per Click Campaigns

The correct promotion of your website can be every bit as important as its design and development, yet it is an element that is often overlooked. Without effective promotion, potential visitors may find it difficult to find your website unless they know your web address.


Pay-Per-Click is a performance-based online marketing model in which businesses bid for enhanced placement in search results on terms that are relevant to their business, and pay on a per-click basis. You set the price you're willing to pay for each sales lead and pay only when customers click through to your site, leading to a high return on your investment (ROI).


Research shows that advertisers receive the highest ROI from pay-for-placement search when compared to e-mail, banners and other forms of online advertising. Another great benefit of Pay-Per-Click advertising is it's advantage of being easily tracked. Google Ad words and Overture are the two major pay per click engines, with Overture servicing Yahoo, Nine MSN, Alta vista and a number of smaller search engines in Australia .


You can pay to have a premium ad appear on any search engine's pages: the big downside to premium paid advertising is expense. As a professional SEO company, we will discuss all benefits and potential drawbacks of the pay-per-click process.


Client Testimonial on Xenex Media performing SEO

To The Xenex Media Team


I would like to pass on my thanks for the SEO work you have been doing for our website.


We tried a number of options to promote our website, from print advertising in magazines, letterbox drops, pay per click to search engine optimisation with another company, and nothing seemed to be making any difference. Then Jodie mentioned trying the search engine optimisation option with Xenex Media and it has made such a difference to the sales of our business. We signed up for a ten keyword campaign and 12 months later sales have tripled and are still climbing. Nothing has worked in promoting our business as well as SEO with Xenex and we are that impressed that we have now signed up for a 20 keyword campaign. Most of the first optimised 10 keywords are now on the 1st page of Google. While SEO is fairly costly, in the end, it has been the only effective form of advertising for our website and the cost has been more than made up for, in the return of profits.


One of the best features of the Xenex campaign is that they have done all the work to optimize the site. The first company we tried only made suggestion and then left us to carry them out, which we just didn't have the time or understanding, to do. Xenex also gave us a money back guarantee on their success regarding a certain number of keywords, leaving us with the confidence that our money would be well spent.


We would recommend SEO with Xenex Media to anyone looking to make their website more visible on Google and achieve 1st page rankings for their most popular keywords. It has certainly worked for us and we have no hesitation in recommending it to others.


Many Thanks
Nadine May